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Agot Isidro

   Intro: F-C-Am-F-G-C-; (2x) G

   C                   F     G
   Got a letter in the mail today
   And I'm glad you're doing fine
     F                  C    Am
   You tell me you're missing me
            F        Dm      G
   And it's cold in New York City

   C                        F    G
   Well, me and the girls, were alright
   Thinking about you night after night
              F               C   Am
   And if you feel the same way too
        F          Dm           G
   Just imagine me whispering to you

   F                      C      Am
   Everyday, I'll always love you
   F                    C           Am
   Everyday, I'm always thinking of you
   F                   E      Am
   Everyday's another lonely day
   Without you
   F                   C        Am
   Everyday, you're here beside me
      F                  C         Am
   Everyday, I'm always dreaming of you
      F                 E
   Everyday, I will be right here
   Am         Dm  G
   Waiting for you

   F                      C      Am
   Everyday, (I'll always love you)
   F                C         Am
   Hooh (I'm always thinking of you)
   F             C   Am   G break
   (I want you beside me)

   C                   F     G
   It's another long and sleepless night
   And thoughts run through my mind
        F               C    Am
   Guess I'm just feeling lonely
            F        Dm     G
   It's been so empty since you've been gone

               C                    F    G
   I'll be holding on, for it won't be long
   I'll be counting the days till I see you home
              F               C   Am
   I know you feel the same way I do
        F                   Dm            G
   So just remember these words I'll say to you

   (Repeat Refrain)
   F                      C      Am
   Everyday, (I will be waiting for you)
   F                      C      Am    F
   Everyday, (I will be waiting for you)

(Music & Lyrics: Mon Espia)

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