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Back Into You

Amber Davis

   Intro: F#-C#-B-; (2x)

  F#                          C#
   Picking up the pieces of a broken memory
   That's one I can't let go of
   That keeps me on my knees
   Said I know it's not my fault
   That we couldn't stay together
   But we said no matter what

   We'd still be friends forever

  F#                          C#
   How could you turn and just go
   When I'm here standing so cold

   Now you wanna work it out
   Tell me what's that all about
   How could you go on and move on
   Like what you have for me is gone

   Now you wanna work it out

            F#                C#             B
   Baby I'm tryin' to find my way back into you

   When I think about you

   Love me, love me, baby, it's not easy
           F#                C#             B
   But I'm tryin' to find my way back into you

   When I think about you've moved on

   Baby, that's just so wrong

   Interlude: F#-C#-B-

     F# pause           
   I never quit my love for you 
    C# pause
   Baby, that's the truth
   Too hard for me to move on

   When I feel this way for you
   See, you know sometimes we need space
   Baby, that's okay
   But if you really love me

   Why'd you leave that way, tell me...

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

  F#                    C#                    B
   Heaven knows every second I am waiting for you
   I find it so hard, find it so hard
  F#                   C#                        B
   I'd do anything to find a strength to be with you

   I want it like you do, want it like you do
  F#                   C#                     B
   I just need some time to free my piece of mind

   But before you go I want you to know

   (Repeat Chorus 4x, fade)