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APO Hiking Society

   Intro: F-Dm-bb-Gm-C-;(2x)

     F          Dm
   I long to tell you
       F       Dm
   How much I need you
     Bb                         F(/A)
   If I could find the words to say
       Bb                  F(/A)
   I'd never have to feel this way
        Bb                 F(/A)             DM7-C7(sus)
   Not knowin' just what to do when I'm with you

       F             Dm
   My friends, they tell me
        F                   Dm
   That I could shouldn't hurry
               Bb               F(/A)
   Yet this feelin' keep goin' strong
             Bb           F(/A)
   'Cause you keep it goin' on
             Bb             A
   Though I have to say how much I love you

     D         Bm                  GM7
   (Oh) Anna, can't you tell me and see
               Em7  A7(sus)
   What you're doin to me
        D          Bm                  GM7
   Oh, Anna, this feelin' I just can't hide
           Em7        A7(sus)
   Keeps drivin' me wild
       D        Bm              GM7
   Oh Anna, I need you here with me
     Em7           A7(sus)
   I wish it could be.
      D    Bm    GM7
   Oh Anna, won't you stay with me?

     F          Dm
   Your eyes they look through me
     F          Dm
   Your smile, they did push me
     Bb                         F(/A)
   I've never thought I'd love again
     Bb                         F(/A)
   But this time I hope it never ends
             Bb             A
   I have to tell you know how I love you.

   (Repeat Chorus 2x except last line)


   Adlib: (Do Chords Pattern)

   Oh, Anna

   Coda: (Fade)

   (Repeat Chorus)

(Music: Louie Ocampo, Lyrics: Alan Ayque)

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