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When I Met You

Apo Hiking Society

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (BbM7)

   Intro: AM7-Dm-CM7-Bm7-AM7-A-D9-E7sus

           AM7    Dm               AM7
   There I was an empty piece of a shell
        Dm             C#m7
   Just mindin' my own world
   Without even knowin' 
        Bm7                E7sus-E7
   What love and life were all about.

   Then you came
       Dm                    AM7
   You brought me out of the shell
       Dm                C#m7
   You gave the world to me
   And before I knew
           Bm7       E7sus-E7      (D#M7)
   There I was so in love with you.

  DM7           C#m7-C#m7/E   F#m
   You gave me a reason for my being
    (Fm)-Em  A7       D      (D#M7)
   And I love what I'm feelin'
  DM7           C#m7          F#m
   You gave me a meaning to my life,
      (Fm) - Em   D#M7    D
   Yes, I've gone beyond existing
  (C#m7) Bm7-C#m7-Dm7-E            AM7
   And it all began      when I met you.

     Dm                     AM7
   I love the touch of your hair
       Dm                  C#m7
   And when I look in your eyes
          F#m              Bm7   E7sus-E7
   I just know, I know I'm on to something good

  (E/F#-E)-AM7     Dm                AM7
   And I'm  sure my love for you will endure
        Dm                    C#m7
   Your love will light up my world;
                 F#m   Bm7   
   And take all my cares away
                   E7sus-E7   (D#M7)
   With the aching part of me.

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)   

            ... you

  (CM7)Am/D            D#M7
   You taught me how to love,
       E7            AM7
   You showed me how tomorrow
      Dm               Dm7                G
   And today my life is diff'rent from the yesterday
       CM7      FM7
   And you, you taught me to love
                      Dm7            Bm7
   And darling I will always cherish you
  Bm7/E  Bm7          Esus-E
   Today, tomorrow and forever.

   Adlib: AM7-Dm-AM7-Dm-C#m7-

  (E/F#-E)-AM7       Dm             AM7
   And I'm  sure when evening comes around
    Dm                   C#m7              F#m
   I know we'll be making love like never before
      Bm7             E7sus-E7     (D#M7)
   My love, who could ask for more?

   (Repeat Chorus)

               Em7/A   (D#M7)
   When I met you

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

            AM7  A-(A/G#-A/F#-A/E)-D9-E pause

              AM7 (coda)
   When I met you

   Coda: Dm/A-(Dm/G)-CM7-Bm7-Bm7/E-AM7

(Music & Lyrics: Jim Paredes)

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