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I Will Love You More

Arlene Salvado

   Note: Oiginal key is 1/2 step lower (Db)

   Intro: D-A/C#-G-Gm-D-Bm-Em-A7-; (2x)
  D         F#m         G
   I am so lost without you
          Em       A        D
   And I need you here with me
  Bm          A           G
   How can I live without you
                Em        A
   You're the strength inside me

    D               A/C#
   Now I need you more than ever
    G               Gm
   Wish we'd really last forever
    D               A
   But if you come back
         C         A
   I will love you more
    D                 A/C#
   Babe you know that I still love you
     G               Gm
   Even though you weren't so true
    D               A
   But if you come back
   I will love you more

     D           F#m       G
   Babe don't give up on me now
      Em         A    D
   You are all I ever had	
  Bm              A       G
   We can work it out somehow
        Em          A
   Oh I need you here right...

   (Repeat Refrain)

     Bm            A       G
   Even though you did me wrong
         Bm                  A      G
   I will let you know with my own song
         Bm                   A       G
   I'll forget the things that you've done
                    Em            A  break
   Let's give our love a second chance

   (Repeat Refrain moving chords 1/2 step <Eb> higher,
    except last word)

              Cm-Cm+M7-Cm7-F pause
         ... more

  Fm         Bb7     Eb-Gm-G#-G#m-Eb-Fm-Bb7-Eb
   I will love you more