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Mr. Clay


   Intro: A--

   Red sun dawn, guns are drawn
   Skull and bones, beast of war
   Father help me stop this
   Rush of blood to the head
   Look at you and I see red
   Start the game, I'll lend it
   By this hate that you help the world create
   I've been spent, now repent
   I'm the war that comes to you
   I'm the plague that follows through
   I've been told, you've been warned
   To stop the hatred you have spawned
   The qualms you have are stupid
   By this movement manifest
   Lord I'll put you to the test, yet you fail
   Now the blind that follows you
   Will burn in hell with you

   All by myself
   I know that I stand here alone
  F                    G
   All your lies, they feed me
   I'm stronger now
   Stronger now than I was before
  F                         G
   There's no way you can hurt me
  F°G      F°G     F°A
   Move me, stop me

   Talk too muck motherf**er, hush
   You had your chance to change things
   Move in the direction of right
   Choose to set the bar
   But then you had to pick a fight
   So what's daddy done for you lately?
   Bought you the throne
   Like stealing candy from a baby
   Line your pockets with mucho dinero
   Paid in full with the blood of the people
   So now got the fires rockin' blood and hate
   Then you got the people talking legacy
   You will never be forgotten
   Your place in history
   A black mark in time, a black mark in time

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: A--F-G-
          F°G, F°G, F°A
          A-- pause

   Peace and flowers will kill the superpower
   The fall of Rome is near, can't you hear?
   It's been written, its been said
   The revelations I have read
   The signs are here
   Those days are over
   Walk away from the line, for now is the time

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

  F°G   F°G     F,F,F
   Yeah,  stop me

(Music & Lyrics: Bamboo Maņalac)

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