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Samba Song

Bong Peņera & The Batucada

   Intro: C---; (or C,C/G,C,C/G,--)

     C               Em
   Kung gusto kong kumanta
       Dm              Bb
   At gusto ko ring sumayaw
    Am               D
   Ako'y sumisipol saka malalaman
      Dm                 Ab      G7
   Ako pala'y payasong walang kasayaw
     C           Em
   Bakit tayo ganito
        Dm           Bb
   Mga puso nati'y mailap
     Am                 C
   Lumapit ka giliw at tayo'y mag-samba
           F           C   C7
   Kahit minsan man lamang 

   Kay tamis ng musika
  Fm               Bb
   Hanggang sa pagsapit ng umaga
   Basta't ang samba'y sayaw
  Ebm          Ab
   Tayo'y magsasama muli
   Walang hahadlang 
    C                 Ab         G
   Wala ring pipigil maski sino man
     C            Em
   Narito na ang awit
        Dm            Bb
   At narito na ang sayaw
   Huwag mong biguin sinta
   C                      F           C-Bb-C-Bb-
   Hayaan malasin mo na tayo'y mag-samba

   C                            Em
   When there's a time for our song
   Dm                         Bb
   And there's a time for our dance
     Am               D
   I am a tune and then I just find myself 
   Dm                      Ab        G
   Dancing the samba with no one but me
   C                     Em
   This is how we both go on
   Dm                       Bb
   Together and yet we're so far
   Won't you please come with me
   And samba through life with me
        F               C   C7
   Forget all your troubles 

   We'll make such sweet music
  Fm          B
   Until the night is done
   Just dance the samba with me
  Ebm          Ab
   We'll be together again
  C#                C             Ab       G
   Say you love me and I'll say I love you too
   C                         Em
   This is the time for that song
        Dm                       Bb
   And this is the time for that dance
   I don't feel alone because 
   I know that you'll stay with me
       F             C           Bb-C-Bb-
   To samba through life with me

   Adlib: (Do Chords of I and II)

   (Repeat III)

   (Repeat IV except last line)

        F            G        Em-A7-
   To samba through life with me 
        Dm           G        C-Bb-
   To samba through life with me

    C              Bb        
   Samba through life with me

   (Repeat Coda 6x, fade)

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