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Tell Me Why

The Boss

   Intro: Gb-Db-Ebm-Db-B-Ebm

   Ebm         Db           B
   You came into my life so suddenly
   You took me by surprise 
   And gave your love to me
  Abm       Ddim       
   But as the days went on
         Db               Cdim
   The seasons started changing
  Abm           Bbm    B      Db
   You said you wanted to be free

   Ebm          Db            B
   And now I'm so alone and hurtin' bad
   Just wishin' for the love 
   I never really had
  Abm          Ddim
   Oh girl, I need you now
         Db         Cdim
   What else can I say?
  Abm              Bbm
   Don't you know it's hard for me
   B             Db
   To live this way?

   Tell me why
   Db/F              Ebm
   You have to say goodbye
            Db              B
   Did you have to tear my heart away
   Play that game
   I love you just the same
   Come back to me
   We could make this love
   Start over again

    B               Db          B
   Are you still keeping traces of our past?
   Db                  Db7       Ddim
   Sad to say it didn't last, oh hoh
        Abm  Ddim  
   Is there a bit of hope
   Db   Cdim
   That I could depend on?
      Abm              Bbm
   If you ever change your mind
        B           Db
   I'll be right behind

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: Db        Bb
          Oh oh woh oh

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

                      Bb                 Gb-Bm-Gb-Gm-Gb
   We could make this love start over again

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