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Something In Your Eyes


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher 

   Intro: A-C#m-D-Bm-

   There was a certain face
   That filled a thousand nights
   With all the sweetest dreams
       C#m         D        Bm
   And promises of paradise
             G#m         C#7
   But that face was gone
             F#m                F#m+M7
   When the dawn would come and steal you
   F#m7               F#m6
   Yet, I still could feel you
           Bm           E
   Waiting just a kiss away

   I'd surely know your face
   When love would cast its spell
              A                 C#m
   I'd recognize each curve and line of you
      D          Ebdim7
   I knew it well
   E                  Bm              E7
   Now at last you're here and I can tell

                       A      C#m
   Something in your eyes I'd seen
       D            Bm
   Is all I ever wanted
         A                F#m
   And something in your smile for me
        B              E
   Is calling out my name
         A        C#m
   Your eyes, it seems
         D             G#m
   Are mirrors of my dreams
      C#7    F#m         B
   In ways I can't explain
   Bm                 E             E  E7
   And my heart will never be the same

   We never said a word
   As if we'd always known
                     A             C#m
   But through the bittersweet of waiting
             D      Bm
   We were not alone
              G#m         C#7
   Now we're close enough
            F#m             F#m+M7
   For the touch of love to find us
    F#m7         F#m6
   Fantasies designed us
             Bm            Bm7-E
   But they never really could

   Begin to measure you
   No pictures ever do
              A                   C#m
   And as I watch you framed in sunlight
         D         Ebdim7
   In a sky of blue
   E               Bm                 E7
   I know what my life's been leading to

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

               ... same

   Adlib: A-C#m-D-Bm-
   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <Bb> higher,
    except last line)

   Cm                Bb            Eb  Edim
   And my heart will never be the same
   F                 F7 pause      Bb
   And my heart will never be the same