opmtunes - filipino music lyrics with guitar chords



   Intro: Em- break C- break G-D-; (2x) pause
          Em-C-G-D-; (2x)

  Em         C              G   
   I turn around then look at you
           D                 Em
   I hide what's inside the truth
            C              G     
   You still love me like before, 
             D                 Em
   I don't wanna come back for more
              C             G
   To see my tears on the ground 
            D               Em
   Flowing through my veins
                 C         G   D
   Wrecking me higher, my world

  Em             C            G
   Your pretty face is now I see 
              D                 Em
   I can't believe that you are mine
          C            G
   Almost dying comes here 
          D             Em
   You brought back my life
                 C             G
   It's time for me to let you go
               D    Em     C    G   D
   Now you're here my yay ya yay oh no

  Em C  G            D
   I, I, I'm not in love with you 'cause
  Em C  G          D
   I, I, I want to get through audibly
  Em C  G        D
   I, I, I wanna make you happy
  Em                C    G        D break
   The reason why I let, it's because of you

   Interlude: Em-C-G-D-; (2x)

  Em              C             G
   I turn, your holding my own hand
               D                 Em
   I've been dreaming back this feeling
        C           G 
   And if you walk away again 
          D                Em
   Gonna hate myself for crying
            C                  G
   And my world curves around you
              D       Em       C
   No I can't hide it, I need you
          G        D
   'Cause I love you

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: Em-C-G-D-; (4x)
          Em-C-G-D-; (4x) pause
           I... I... I...

   (Repeat Chorus)