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Broken Into Pieces


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (C#)

  C          G            Am-F
   In this life we are livin'
  C           G            Am-F
   Sometimes we cannot give in
  C           G               Am     F,G,
   How can we stay away from mending
  C         G                 Am     F,G,
   This broken hearts and broken dreams

  C      G            Am    F,G,
   Did I tell you I'm sorry
  C         G              Am     F,G,
   Until now you can't forgive me
  C           G             Am
   Regret the things I've said and done
   F              C
   I treated you bad

  C        G     Am
   Cause I love you
           F             C
   And I miss you all this time
         G     Am
   And I'm sorry
       F (break)
   For breaking your heart into pieces

   Interlude: C-G-Am-F,G,

  C             G           Am   F,G,
   I know I messed up everything
  C            G                  Am   F,G,
   But let's save this love from ending
  C          G                 Am    F,G,
   Those stupid lies and my mistakes
  C          G              Am   F,G,
   Its driven you mad and insane
  C          G               Am
   How could you be strong enough to stay
   F             C
   I treated you bad

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: C-G-Am-F-; (2x)

   (Repeat Chorus except last 2 words)

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Coda: C-G-Am-F,G,
         C-G-Am-F hold