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I Do


   Intro: G-C-; (2x)

  G             Em                 Bm
   Did you ever wondered what went wrong
  C         G
   I always do
               Em             Bm
   Don't you wanna work things out
  C         G
   I always do
                  Em              Bm
   Cause you never want our love to grow
  C             G
   And I always do
                Em                 Bm
   Funny how you never thought we'd last
   I did too

  Am              D
   Everything's alright
          Am               D
   Without you my life's so fine

       G          Em              Bm     C
   I remember the days when you were mine
              G           Em            Bm      C
   All this time how could I have been so blind
                 G            Em          Bm     C
   Since you've gone I've been feeling so right
  Am               D
   Everything's alright
   I don't want you back

  G            Em           Bm
   Funny how I kept fighting for
  C            G
   All of the rest
            Em              Bm
   Only to find you're not worth 
   Fighting for

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

            ... back

   Adlib: F-C-G-;

   (Repeat Chorus 2x except last line)

           Am                D
   Without you my life's so fine
        Am               D
   Everything's just so right
   I don't want you back

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