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Fire Love

Danita Paner

   Intro: Dm-Gm-Bb-A-; (4x)
             (Oh  Yeahh)

         Dm                 Gm
   Everytime I feel so lonely
               Bb            A
   You're the one I can't ignore
                Dm              Gm
   But all you give is this confusion
            Bb              A
   Trying hard to tie the score

          Dm                       Gm
   And everytime you're feeling lonely
          Bb                A
   I'm the one that you restore
          Dm              Gm
   Everytime you need affection
          Bb                       A
   You think that I'll be at your door

    Bb                  C
   Now I'd leave you waiting
     Bb                  C   A/C#
   You'll be craving for more

             Dm             Gm
   Will you run, will you hide
             Bb             A
   From the love that you adore?
           Dm           Gm
   Do you run, do you hide
               Bb            A
   From this love that you adore?
              Dm                Gm
   Will you find me, save me, free me
        Bb                 A
   In this love we both belong?
      Bb                C
   You'll be waiting, baby
     Bb                 C    A/C#  (Intro)
   I'll be asking for more from you

   (Repeat I, II and Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

         ... you

   Adlib: Dm-Gm-Bb-A-; (4x)

   (Repeat Refrain) 

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

       ... you
   From you love

   Coda: Dm-Gm-Bb-A-; (2x) Dm hold   

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