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I Can

Donna Cruz

   Note: Original key is one fret (F#) higher.

              Chorus 1
   (That) I can live (I can live)
   I can love (I can love)
          Dm                 Am
   I can reach the heavens above
         BbM7, Bb6     Dm7sus/A, Dm7/A
   I can right what is wrong
          D#           C7sus, C7
   I can sing just any song.

             Chorus 2
   I can dance (I can dance)
   I can fly (I can fly)
                  Dm            G/B
   And touch the rainbow in the sky
         F/C          C7sus, C7
   I can be your good friend
          Bb    C7sus, C7     F-Fsus°F
   I can love you until the end.

         F9                 C/E
   What took you so long to make me see
        Dm               Am
   How lucky I am 'cause I  am free
   BbM7, Bb6  Dm7sus/A            
   Free  to do       
      Dm7/A   D#M9-C7sus, C7
   The things I wanna do.

         F                  C/E
   What took you so long to make me feel
   Dm                   Am
   I  can give love, a love so real
  BbM7                F9/A    F/A     D#-C7sus, C7
   What took you so long to let me know?

   (Repeat Chorus 1)

   (Repeat Chorus 2)

        Cm7                 F7sus    F/A
   What took you so long to make  me cry
      BbM9    Bb      BbM9   Bb
   So I will know the reason why
   (What took you so long)
   I'm so lucky I  could smile
     C7sus    C7  C7sus C/Bb, C/A, C/G°C/F°C/E°C/D°C
   I didn't notice for a while.

   (Repeat Chorus 1)

   (Repeat Chorus 2 except last word)


   Ad lib: (Chorus 1 chords)

   (Repeat Chorus 2 except last word)

             F-Bb/F, C/F, F

(Music: Louie Ocampo, Lyrics: Edith Gallardo)

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