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Donna Cruz & Jason Everly

   Intro: D-Em7-G-D-; (2x)

             D         Em7/D
   Catch a star in the sky tonight
            G/D             D
   And it trembles like my heart
           D               Em7/D
   And in this world we're all alone tonight
       G/D              D
   So close and yet so far
   My heart would never lie
          A                G
   I can feel you want me too
   (I can feel you want me too)
   And if that star should fall
        A                           G-A-
   Then baby, here's what we should do

              Chorus 1
    D     Bm                 Em
   Wish, take me by hand and wish
    A                          F#m
   Hold your breath and we may find
   It might come true
         G               A
   On a starry, starry night
    D     Bm                  Em
   Wish, look into my eyes and wish
     A                       F#m
   Reach out for that dreamy spell
   For me and you
       G                  A
   And we might fall in love

   Interlude: D-Em7-G/D-D-

      D     Em7/A
   Mayroong kaba sa 'king dibdib
          G/D       D
   Ito nga kaya'y pag-ibig?
        D          Em7/A
   Huwag mo nang labanan pa
     G/D       D
   Tunay mong damdamin
   'Di na maitatagong
       A           G
   Ikaw ay mahal ko rin 
   (Ikaw ay mahal ko rin)
   Kung panaginip man
          A                G    A
   Sana ay huwag nang magising

             Chorus 2
    D    Bm               Em
   Wish, Sana bawat bukas ay
    A              F#m      Bm
   Lagi kong kasama ang pag-ibig mo
    G          A
   Dito sa puso ko
    D    Bm               Em
   Wish, Sana bawat sandali
     A                F#m
   Ay maging walang hanggan
    Bm        G                  A
   Mahal kita hanggang kailanpaman

   Adlib: D-Bm-Em-A-F#m-Bm-G-A-

   (Repeat Chorus 2, fade)