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Now That You're Gone

Ella May Saison

   Intro: F-Dm-Bb-Bbm-; (2x)

    F      Dm7          Bb
   If only you could have 
   Stayed a little longer
    F             Dm7
   If I had know this feeling
            Bb              Gm
   Then I could've been much stronger
          Dm7                F
   And the hurt I feel right now
   Would be so far away
     Gm               Dm7
   Now all the memories tell me
     Bb              C
   I should've made you stay

  F    Dm7        Bb           Gm
   You said we'll make it last forever
  F      Dm7        Bb
   Maybe you could've been 
   A little stronger too
   Now I know that sometimes
    F             G
   Promises just fade away
    Gm          Dm7
   I need you here beside me
            Bb                   C
   It's just no good to feel this way

  C               F
   Now that you're gone
     Bb          Gm
   I wish you never had to go
  C             F
   Now that you're gone
       Bb       Gm    C
   This pain I feel inside me
   Just goes on and on
   Now I know I need you
       Bb         Gm    C          F
   And I never should have let you go

   Interlude: F-Dm-Bb-Bbm-; (2x)
   (Repeat II)

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

          ... go

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <C#> higher,
    except last line)

     B            G#m  C#      Ebm-Ebm7-G#- pause
   I never should have let you go, no no
     B            G#m  C#      F#-C#-B-Bm-Eb
   I never should have let you go