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Fill Her


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (E)

   Intro: F-Em-Dm-C-(/D/E) (2x)

   F                    Em7
   You don't need to live
   Dm                 C-D/E
   It seems a bit naive
   F                 Em7
   No need to disagree
   Dm              C-D/E
   Or seek my history

   F                      Em7
   You're staring at my soul
   Dm                C-D/E
   My sanity you stole
   F                       Em7
   But then I knew all along
   Dm                         C-D/E
   That anything could go wrong

   F                        Em7
   Though I can't see you,  I can feel you
         Dm                     C-D/E
   I'm so glad you opened my door
        F                      Em7
   And when I get near, all my fears disappear
         Dm                   C-D/E
   And I won't be alone anymore

   F      Em7
   Hmm...  hmm ...
   Dm     C
   Hmm...  hmmm...
   F      Em7
   Hmm...  hmmm...
   Dm     C
   Hmm...  hmmm...

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