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   Intro: C#-Bbm-; (8x)

   C#            Ebm
   Shadow in my friend
            C#                 Ebm
   He'll be with me till the end
            C#           Ebm
   I don't have to make amends
               C#             Ebm
   Like that river 'round the bend.

       F#           Fm
   He won't let me down
         Ebm  B    Bbm
   Just chase me around
       Ebm              F#
   He won't get on my nerves
         Ebm   G# hold
   If it gets any worse.

   C#               Ebm
   People are so strange
       C#             Ebm
   Everybody is deranged
       C#               Ebm
   Everytime I try to speak
       C#                  Ebm
   They don't get it for a week.

        F#         Fm
   I'll get out of bed
          B         Bbm
   Sing songs in my head
        Ebm             F#
   I'll wait for the sun
       Ebm         F#
   To shine on the one
       Ebm         F#
   Who never disagrees
        Ebm                 F#
   And likes everything he sees
         Ebm        F#
   Let's go  for a ride
       Ebm      G# hold
   The road is long and wide.

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