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Waiting For The Bus


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (D#m)

   Intro: Dm-C-Bb-C-; (2x)
                Dm             C
   I've been standing here waiting for the bus
          Bb         C
   On a Saturday laundry on my back
             Dm                 C
   Ultraviolet rays like I'm posing for a shot
           Bb              C
   In a magazine what the hell does it mean

           Dm              C
   I'm a travelling man straight from the car
           Bb                           C
   I'm a thousand miles away from my number one fan
                  Dm                   C
   My folks are getting tight won't let me out at night
   You can't avoid the complications
            C                 Gm-C
   When there's no reason at all  
             F                     Dm
   When the right hand strikes, we fly
         Bb (break)          Gm (break)
   I'll drink my beer, I'll wipe my tears
   Southbound in the sky

            Dm              C            Bb    C
   Another crime, another reason gets you everyday
            Dm                C
   The only time that you can talk
                Bb           C
   You ain't got nothing to say
              Dm              C
   Well I'm caught up in a stupid game
        Bb       C
   That I can't play
                Gm               C        A7   Dm-C-Bb-C-
   It's just a waste of time but I'm in it anyway

               Dm              C
   I've been sitting here watching the signs
             Bb            C
   Too many cars at night belching in the moonlight
   Dm                         C
   We're doing ninety as the sky turns to grey
               Bb            C
   The people look like bees buzzing by the highway

   Adlib: Dm-C-Bb-C-; (3x)

        F                  Dm             Bb
   The wheels are rolling like a rolling stone
    Bdim     Gm                   A
   Alone, I choose the road less traveled on

             Dm           C
   Now, I'm lying here waiting for the day
   On the second deck
        C                     Dm
   Dreaming of a girl from a fairy tale
   Chain around my neck
      Bb                     C
   A ride is all it takes but pains get in the way

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

                Gm               C        A7 
   It's just a waste of time, a waste of time

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

             A7   Dm-C-Bb-
          ... anyway

  C         A7   Dm-C-Bb-
   I'm in it anyway, hey
  C break   A7 break Dm
   I'm in it anyway

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