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Francis Magalona

   Intro: G#m-F#-G#m-; (2x)

   Friends is a word we use everyday
        Ebm               G#m
   But most of the time we use it in the wrong way
   Now you can look the word up again and again
             Ebm               G#m
   But the dictionary doesn't know the meaning of friends
   Now if you ask me, you know, I couldn't be much help
               Ebm                  G#m
   Because a friend's somebody you judge for yourself
   Some are okay and they treat you real cool
        Ebm                       G#m
   And some mistake kindness for being a fool
   We like to be with some because they're funny
    Ebm                     G#m
   Others come around when they need some money
   Some you grew up with around the way
             Ebm               G#m
   And you still grow close to this very day
   Homeboys thru the summer, winter, spring and fall
        Ebm                           G#m
   And then there are some we wish we never knew at all
   This list goes on again and again
            Ebm                      G#m
   But then these are the people that we call friends

     E       Ebm            G#m
   Friends, how many of us have been?
     E       Ebm            G#m
   Friends, ones we can depend on
     E       Ebm          G#m
   Friends, how many of us have them?
     E       Ebm             G#m
   Friends, before we go any further

   (Do Chord Pattern: E-Ebm-G#m-;)
   Let's be friends, they come in all sizes and shapes
   Try to count how many of 'em are we gonna make in a lifetime
   We don't know for sure how many 
   Like a child takes to candy, massive or plenty 
   Or dwindlin' if you live a life o' swindlin'
   And dealin' and wheelin' or talkin' heroin like Welland
   La vie en rose, c'est la vie, take a pause
   Will it include me, myself and I with the clause?
   Applause, so selfish of myself to forget 
   Without friends, we be worthless, we won't even worth shhht
   Pardon my lingo, my stilo's kinda harsh
   We gots to mingle, tickle them funny bones, make 'em giggle
   Sippin' tequila with the evil stepsisters, Myla and Pia
   Makes it a whole lot sweeter margarita
   I be swayin' when I take the BJ, 
   Flaming Bikini, Play Houdini, that's what I say

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: E-Ebm-G#m-; (2x)

   (Do Chord Pattern: E-Ebm-G#m-;)
   Friends have a lot of friends, have a lot of friends
   That's what we all be sayin' in the end
   When it's good, its great, but when it's bad to hate
   I wouldn't be blamin' anyone because of my mistake
   I ain't a fake, cause I be yo-yo the way I treat ro-yo
   We're separate, just like vinegar and oil-o
   Friends stick together in any type of weather
   For every trash and cherries won't mix together
   But beware of fake, ones who masquerade
   Cause I can spot the lamers from a hundred of miles away
   You can see in the eyes when they hide the lies
   See their disguise and the smiles, you gotta realize
   The alibis and the treachery that they brought
   Into your life, this is a lesson to be taught
   So next time you meet up with your friends
   Just make sure you don't get screwed again

   (Repeat Chorus 3x, fade)