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Growing Up

Gary Valenciano

   Intro: G-D/F#-Em-Bm7-C-Bm7-Em-Am-D7-

  G                               C
   Here's to the old times and the best of new ones
  G                     Em
   Here's to a song of glee
  Bm                       Em              Am-D7
   Finding our way from illusions to realities
  G                    C
   Hoping to wake up from this madness
  G                   Em
   Hoping to see you smile
  Bm                      Em                  Am-D7
   Pushing our way to the limit of yours and mine

               C           Bm7
   I'm growing up, getting down
                C               Bm7
   Putting my both feet on the ground
         Am             C
   With all my friends behind me
   Am             C        D7
   How can I go wrong this time
               C           Bm7
   I'm growing up, getting down
              C           Bm7
   Think of reality came around
               Am             C
   Not just waiting for the daybreak
     Am          C       D7
   Expecting the sun to shine
       D7                    (G)
   It doesn't shine all the time

   Interlude: G-D/F#-Em-Bm7-C-Bm7-Em-Am-D7-

  G                  C
   Falling in love, falling apart
        G                      Em
   You think its the end of the line
     Bm7                      Em                     Am-D7
   Holding hand while crying, then you'll feel just fine
             G                      C
   If you're thinking that you're the only one
           G                           Em
   Well, take a look around and you'll find
  Bm7                       Em
   I'll be there where you are
   Then and now, I say

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Interlude: G-D/F#-Em-Bm7-C-Bm7-Em-Am-D7-

   (Repeat I)

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Coda: G-D/F#-Em-Bm7-C-Bm7-

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