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Closer, You And I

Gino Padilla

   Intro: C-G/B-Am-G-F9--
          G, Am, G/B
  C              G/B           Am-G       
   Hey, there's a look in your eyes
   Must be love at first sight
  C               G/B          Am-G
   You were just a part of a dream
            F9              Am G/B
   Nothing more, so it seemed
  C        Dm7                   Em7
   But my love couldn't wait much longer
               Am                   Amsus    Am
   Just can't forget the picture of your smile
              G, F        Em7, Dm7            G7sus
   'Cause everytime I close my eyes you come alive

               E                 Am
   The closer I get to touching you
       G       D/F#            G
   The closer I get to loving you
  G/B      C/E                      F
   Give it time, just a little more time,
   We'll be together
                  E                   Am
   Give a little smile, that special smile
  G               D/F#             G
   Twinkle in your eye in a little while
   G/F       C/E                    F
   Give it time, just a little more time
             G7sus    G7pause      (Intro)
   So we can get closer, you and I.

  C              G/B           Am-G       
   Then could have loved you more
   So much stronger than before
  C               G/B          Am-G
   Why does it seem like a dream
            F9              Am G/B
   So much more, so it seems
  C        Dm7                Em7
   Guess I found my inspiration
               Am                   Amsus    Am
   With just one smile, you take my breath away
              G, F        Em7, Dm7               G7sus
   So, hold me close and say you'll stay with me now.

   (Repeat Chorus)

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