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Power Of Your Love

Gino Padilla

   Intro: D-A/C#-Bm-A-

  D       A/C#    Bm-Bm/A-
   Lord I come to You
                    F#m       Bm
   Let my heart be changed renewed
   Flowing from the grace
             A      Bm-A7-
   That I found in You

  D              A/C#     Bm-Bm/A
   And Lord I've come to know
                F#m       Bm
   The weaknesses I see in me
   Will be stripped away
  A                    D  (D,A/C#,Bm,A,)
   By the power Your love

   G         A
   Hold me close
                   Dsus   D,A/C#,Bm,A,
   Let Your love surround me
    G        A
   Bring me near
                D      Em-F#m-Em,D,
   Draw me to Your side
       G     A
   And as I wait
   I'll rise up like the eagle
       A/C#              Bm
   And I will soar with You
        Bm/A            G
   Your spirit leads me on
            A            Dsus-D
   In the power of Your love

   Interlude: D#-A#/D-Cm-A#-

  D#     Bb/D     Cm-Cm/Bb
   Lord unveil my eyes
                  Gm       Cm
   Let me see You face to face
   The knowledge of Your love
          Bb      Cm-C#-Cm-
   As you live in me

  D#      Bb/D    Cm-Cm/Bb
   Lord renew my mind
                  Gm           Cm
   As Your will unfolds in my life
   In living everyday
  Bb                     D#  (D#,Bb/D,Cm,Bb,)
   By the power of Your love

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <G#> higher)

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <G#> higher,
    except last word)

           ... love

         G#        Bb-Cm
   Lead me on, Lord
   Lead me on
           Bb            Ebsus-Eb
   In the power of Your love
        G#       Bb   Eb
   The power of Your love

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