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Last Song


   F             C
   I'm breathing the air
   F              C              F
   I'm thinking of what you've done and said
   You crumpled my heart
       Am        G
   I was down in my knees

   F           C
   I'm hurting down inside
   F      C          F
   Wondered if you still even cared
   I've cried all alone
       Am            G
   I'm done with all these tears

   I'm singing my last song
   I'm singing my last song
   I'm singing my last song
   For you

   F            C
   I'm healing the wounds
   F               C
   I'm staring at stars across my room
   F          C
   My meaning is lost
      Am         G
   I'm bound for defeat

   F       C
   Discover me inside
   F              C      F
   It's all just a memory left behind
   One day I'll fly
     Am         G
   So high above my feet

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   F        G
   The first time
      Am            G(/B)   C
   Is the last thing I'm gonna make
         F       Em
   And the next in line
         Am          G(/B)       D   G
   Is the one that whose gonna break you

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

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