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Underneath The Waves


   Intro: G-C-; (2x)

  G                           C
   The stars beneath the skies
  G                      C
   They tell me you're a secret
         G                         C
   And everytime I wake up in the morning
   Rain is falling down on me
   I feel free

  G                     C
   You caught me by surprise
  G               C
   I ask you to believe me
   Without a lie
   We'll never have to say or feel we're sorry
   To say we're sorry
   Soon you'll see

  Am        Bm
   I'm learning
           C        G
   I'm learning from you now
  Am        Bm
   Stars fading
           C         G
   Free falling into you

  C,D           D,Em
   This time I'm sure what I'm looking for
  C,D               D,Em
   And that's what I want you to know
  C,D          D,Em         C,D
   And I won't ever let you go
   Let you go

  G                 C
   Underneath the waves
           G                      C
   I can feel you underneath the waves

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus)

  D                         C
   It's all been said and done to me, I know it
  D                      C
   Just let me have a chance to prove my cause
  D                       C
   And I don't know what lies ahead for us
        Em           D              C
   In any road I'll let you come my way

   (Repeat Chorus)

  G                   C
   And I'm ready for you now
  G                C
   Be ready for me now
  G             C
   Ready for me now
  G             C
   Ready for me now
  G          C
   Show me love

   Coda: G-C-; (2x, fade)