opmtunes - filipino music lyrics with guitar chords



   Intro: D-Bm-A-G-F,E- (2x)

  D          Bm
   Landscapes in the wild
  A                   G           F,E-
   Upon a shore of a sea open wide
  D                Bm
   The great escape from your wife
  A                  G                  F,E-
   She's the best mistake of your life

  F         C              F
   Always starts when you cry
           C           F
   Never ends with a smile
               C          D          F,E- 
   All you've said was a big, big lie

  D        F#m               G
   On the wings of love we falter
  D            F#m           G
   A day with you, a big disaster
  D        F#m           G
   Soon forever will be over
           Em,G,G break
   How I wish     

   How I wish

   Adlib: F,E-

  D         Bm
   Never had  a sweet November
  A                 G         F,E-
   All I had was a dark October
  D          Bm
   For awhile  I wanted to die
  A            G          F,E-
   But I said why, oh why 

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Coda: D-Bm-A-G-F,E-; (3x)
         F,E-D hold