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I Still Believe In Us Together


   Intro: C-Dm-G-F-C-A7sus-A7-

  Dm                G
   Lookin' back through all those years
    C                       A7
   Babe, we've gone through everything there is
  Dm                     G
   We never thought that we'd come this far
        C                         A7
   But thank God above, we never walked out the door

         Dm                 G         G/F
   Yes there were times we tried to give up
           Em                 Am
   But our love kept us from drifting apart
   Our faith in each other 
        D7                       G
   Was all that we needed to survive

 (Dm-G7) C           Em             F  (F,Em,)
   Baby, I still believe in us together
          Dm           G              C
   It's gonna be that way, come what may
  Dm-G7  C           Em             F  (F,Em,)
   Baby, I still believe in us together
     Dm              G  Em        A7
   I know that our love for each other
        Dm           G         C
   Will keep us stronger everyday

   Interlude: C-Dm-G-F-C-A7sus-A7

  Dm                         G
   All of our friends, they tell us the same
    C                        A7
   With love alone, we'll never make it on our own
  Dm                    G
   But look at us, our love is all we have
     C                           A7
   We're going strong, yes, we've proven them wrong

       Dm                       G           G/F
   We showed them all, with love we can walk tall
            Em             Am
   Just as long as we keep on believin'
   There won't be any leavin'
   Yes, we'll stay that way
   Love will show us the way

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

          ... everyday

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1 step <C> higher,
    except last word)

          ... everyday