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However Which Way


   Intro: C-G-Am-F-; (2x)

  C        G              Am
   I know it's strange to want me
           F             C-G-Am-F
   When you close your mind
  C        G           Am
   I know it's weak to see me
       F             C-G-Am-F
   Understand it's time
  C        G            Am
   Don't look back, go forward
     F       C-G-Am-F
   Just move on 
  C          G           Am
   It's not too late to want
      F              C-G-Am-F
   Someday you've known

  C              G
   If I look  around your face
  Em               F             C-G-Em-F
   Will I see the world in one day?
  C            G
   If ever I walk the world
  Em         F               C-G-Em-F
   Will you ever walk in my way?

     F           Em-F-Am
   However which way
     G           Am-G-FM7 pause
   However which way

  C        G            Am
   Try to close your eyes
           F             C-G-Am-F
   And listen to the waves beyond
  C        G            Am
   Can you hear my voice?
           F                C-G-Am-F
   I'm calling, hear the sound
  C       G       Am       F    C-G-Am-F
   I can't go on forever all alone
  C        G       Am
   I am only human 
      F              C-G-Am-F
   And my heart's not stone

   (Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

   Adlib: C-G-F-Em-Dm-Em-F-G

   (Repeat Refrain 2x)

     F            Em-G-Em
   However which way
     F            Am-G-Am
   However which way
     G            FM7 pause
   However which way

   Coda: C-G-Am-F-; (2x) CM7

(Music & Lyrics: Paco Arespacochaga, JJ Buencamino)