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Tell Me Why


   Intro: G-C-G-C-Csus-C-

   G         C
   I'm back on my feet again
        G            C
   I'm so glad that all has ended
    G            Em               Am7      D
   But someday I'm coming back to show you so
   G                   C
   This thing in me called life
   G                    C
   Had its good times and its bad times
   G                 Em           Am7  D
   But the questions linger in my mind

              G  C           G         C
   (So) Tell me why I'm so hurt deep inside
           Em                C D
   And the tears are far behind
             G  C              G           C
   Tell me why the moon ain't shining so bright
            Em           Am7           D
   And the voice still echoes in the night

   G         C
   I've always loved you
        G            C                  G
   I've always wanted to embrace the moment
            Em         Am7  D
   Shared between us two
   G                    C
   I only want to tell you this
   G                    C
   There's no such thing as forever
   G              Em          Am7  D
   But no one can't deny I tried

   (Repeat Chorus)

     C                 D
   I know that I'm missing
        C                  D             C
   But just have to let you go (let you go)
   I'll just keep on believin'
   'Cause I love you, girl
   I want you to know

   Adlib: G-C-G-C

   (Repeat Chorus)
   Tell me why, why...