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Will I Survive


   Intro: C-C/B-F-G-; (2x)

  C            C/B
   I have this feeling inside me
               F               G
   That I've always tried to hide
  C                 C/B
   This feeling has never ended
     F              G
   Didn't ever subside
   I realized that keeping it
         C/B             F  G
   Would only cause me pain
          C        C/B
   So I tried to forget about it
               F               G
   But this feeling always remains

  F                        G
   Tell me, will I ever survive
            F             G
   Stop my tears and keep it inside
   Holding back myself
         G              Am
   From being close to you

   Interlude: C-C/B-F-G-; (2x)

  C           C/B
   Here I am all alone
           F                    G
   So I'll spend through with confusion
  C                 C/B
   Not knowing how to help myself
     F             G
   Arrive at a decision
             C              C/B
   I can't get you out of my mind
            F          G
   I don't know what to do
               C                 C/B
   It's this feeling that's ever growing
               F                G  break
   It's this feeling I feel for you

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   Adlib: F-G-F-G-

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Holding back myself
         G              C-C/B-F-G-C-C/B-
   From being close to you
   Will I ever wake up
             G                  C
   From this dream I'm going through

(Music & Lyrics: Rica Arambulo, JJ Buencamino)