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Even If

Jam Morales

   Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (Ab)

   Intro: A-F#m7-DM7-Bm7-E7sus pause

   All those sleepless nights
   All the tears I cried
           DM7           D6
   All the pain I kept inside
          Bm7          GM7  E7sus
   I kept asking myself why
  E          A9   A    D/E hold
   You had to say goodbye

   Was it just a dream
   When you said to me
   That there is someone new
   In your life?
           Bm              GM7  E7sus
   You could have at least lied
        E7          A       Em7-A7
   The truth just scared me

   Even if 
                  E/D                C#m7
   You mean the whole damn world to me
          F#7                   Bm
   I can forget you, wait and see
              E               A    Em7-A7
   I can be strong even without you
  DM7                   E/D
   I can't waste my life forever
            C#m7             F#7
   Hoping you'd come back to me
   But deep inside I know
              E7              A pause  E7sus
   I'd be waiting here for you

   Adlib: A-F#m-DM7-D6-Bm-

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

        ... you

   Coda: A-Bm7/A-Dm/A-;(2x)

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