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I Love You And I Always Will

Jam Morales

   Intro: Am-Am+M7-Am7-Am6-FM7-G-C-G7sus pause

            Am                 Am+M7
   There's a certain romantic feeling
       Am6               D(/Gb)
   In a certain romantic moment
     FM7               G            C  G
   As I dwell on this romance with you
          Am               Am+M7
   Yet, still however or whichever
       Am6              D(/Gb)
   Or whoever comes to love me
     FM7                                G
   No, there will never be another like you

   Yes, you know that I love you
   Forever and always
    C                  G7
   This I want you to know
   And you know that I've loved long
   And will love you for all time
    C             G7
   How I love you so

   Adlib:  E7--Am-Am+M7=Am7-   
          Oooh ahh
          Am-Am+M7-Am7-D7-F-G7-E7 hold

       Am                    Am+M7
   While in the passing of a second
    Am7              D(/Gb)
   We'd go building memories
    FM7                 G             C   G
   As the setting of the sun felt its day
           Am                Am+M7
   And the night welcomes moonshines
      Am7                       D(/Gb)
   Through the dawnin' of love's glory
           FM7                               G
   If it's still darkest our love glows like day

   (Repeat Refrain 2x)

   I love
   I always will