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Love Is All That Matters

Jamie Rivera

   Intro: E-B-A-B-; (4x)  
  E            B
   Lost in a dance
    C#m            G#m
   Waiting for the chance
  E               Am
   All I've really needed
           E      B/A
   Was to love you
  E            B/Eb
   Night after night
    C#m             G#m
   Searchin' for the light
  A              G#m/B
   You saved me 
   You gave me somethin' 
  Eb7       G#  B
   I could feel

  E           B/Eb
   Love is all that matters
  C#m           B
   Faithful and forever
  A           G#m
   Keepin' us together
  F#m         B
   Love is all we need
  A          G#m
   Pris'ner of illusions
  F#m            E
   Sentence is suspended
  C#m             B
   Loneliness has ended
  A                               E      
   Love has set, love has set me free

   Interlude: E-B-A-B-; (2x)

  E               B
   Dreams from the past
    C#m         G#m
   Comin' true at last
  E               Am
   Never noticed how 
               E        B/A
   My life was changin'
  E          B/Eb
   Now I can see
    C#m             G#m
   All that love can be
  A             G#m/B
   You saved me 
   You gave me somethin' 
  Eb7        G#   B
   That was real 

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

  A                 E      
   Love has set me free

  A         G#m/B
   You save me, you gave me
  C#m         Eb7      G#  B
   Something that was real

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   Coda: E-B-A-B-; (4x) E hold
           La la la...

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