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You Made Me Live Again

Janet Basco

   Intro: D-D7-G-Gm-

  D               D/F#      Bm        D
   I was down and out and feelin' so low
  G            Em                A7 (Em,A7,)
   You took my hand and eased my mind
  D        D7          G          Gm
   I was astray you showed me the way
       D              Bm              Em-A7
   And now I finally found my home in you

  D           D/F#      Bm              D
   I still recall the times I've been through
  G                Em                 A7 (Em,A7)
   Confused and I didn't know what to do
  D           D7          G          Gm
   I almost gave up but you gave me hope
  D                 Bm           Em
   You've made me strong as the days went on
  A7                   D  Am,D7,
   You made me live again

  G       A           F#m
   I was lost in the dark
  G          A             F#m
   With my lonely, broken heart
  B7               Em
   Then you came along
   You took me home
   And made me your own

  D               D/F#       Bm             D
   You were always there to lend a helping hand
  G             Em                 A7 (Em,A7)
   When good friends were hard to find
  D               D7        G          Gm
   When things went wrong you made them right
  D                Bm       Em
   You've made my days so bright
  A7                   D  Am,D7,
   You made me live again

   (Repeat Chorus)

  D            D/F#  Bm            D
   Now look at me, yes, a different me
  G          Em       A7 (Em,A7)
   Back on my feet again
  D           D7      G              Gm
   I'm not afraid to face the world again
  D                     Bm          Em
   'Cause you taught me how to be strong
  A7                  D  Bm-Em-A7
   You made me live again
                      D  D7-G-Gm-D
   You made me live again 

(Music & Lyrics: Nonoy Tan)

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