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I Believe In Dreams

Janno Gibbs

   Intro: Am-G/B-C-D7sus pause

   Lyin' in the gloom
   Of my lonely room
  C                    Bm7
   Thinkin' of how to reach you
  FM7                    F-D/F#
   Dreamin' of having you

   ('Cause) I believe in dreams
   And I believe in miracles
  C               Bm7
   I believe that toy balloons
       Am        Am/G      D/F#,B,E pause Am7-D7sus-D7
   Can reach and touch the moon

  C#m7             F#7sus           BM7
   I don't have the courage and the will
              F7sus           BbM7
   To say the words but I can feel
              E7sus             AM7
   That what's inside me is for real
  Bm7        C#m7   Dm7
   Oh and I know someday
                  G7sus              CM7
   I'll have the chance to prove and say
               F#7sus               BM7
   Three simple words will come your way
             F7sus            BbM7   Am7-D7sus
   I know I'll have the chance someday

   (Repeat II)

   (Repeat Refrain except last line)

             F7sus            BbM7   
   I know I'll have the chance someday
      Am           D7sus
   Chance for me to say
      C            Em7
   That I love you
      C           Em7
   Oh, I love you
       C           Em7
   Yes, I love you
      C           Em7
   Oh, I love you
   I believe in dreams
  D7sus                           G-Em7-G-
   I believe my dreams will come true
     C-G/B-A7-D7sus pause G

(Music & Lyrics: Joey Benin)