opmtunes - filipino music lyrics with guitar chords


Jed Madela

   Intro: D-A-G-

  D             A/C#
   Please hear me out my friend
  C                 G/B                  D
   I've something to say that's from within
  D               A/C#
   It's our last memory
  C              G/B
   Try to think back, I'll help you see
  Em              F#m        Bm
   All of those nights we shared
  Em           F#m            A
   All of those days you were there

                D       F#m     G
   I just wanna love you forevermore
    A         D           F#m       G
   And I wana hold you just like before
       Bm      Bm+M7           Bm7       E7
   And maybe someday, we might just find a way
           Em        A      D
   And we can love forevermore

   Interlude: D-F-G-; (2x)

  D           A/C#
   If I could turn back time
  C              G/B
   I would have never let you go
  D              A/C#
   And you would still be mine
  C               G/B
   But here I am crying all alone
  Em            F#m        Bm
   All of the love we shared
  Em         F#m            A
   All of the time you were there

   (Repeat Chorus)

  F                  G
   Oh I'm lost without you
      C         Bm         Am
   Oh tell me what should I do
         Am/G       F
   Now that you're gone
   I can't go on all alone
           Dm            G
   I'm a lonely man, I need you again

   (Repeat Chorus 2x moving chords 1 step <Eb> higher,
    except last line)

           Fm        Bb      Eb-Abm-
   And we will love forevermore
         Eb-Ab-Bb pause Eb hold
   Yeah heh