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Let Me Be The One

Jimmy Bondoc

   Intro: D-C#m-Bm-A-;
          D-C#m-Bm-E-; pause
          A-D-; (4x)

       A                        D
   Somebody told me you were leavin'
   I didn't know
  A                          D
   Somebody told me you're unhappy
           C#m    F#m
   But it doesn't show
   Somebody told me that
        A/C#             Bm    E
   You don't want me no more, no
   So you're walkin' out the door

  A                           D
   Nobody told me you've been cryin'
   Every night
  A                          D
   Nobody told me you'd been dyin'
              C#m      F#m
   But didn't want to fight
   Nobody told me that you
  C#m           F#m      Bm
   Fell out of love from me
            E             A
   So I'm setting you free

           D             C#m
   Let me be the one to break it up
                Bm              A
   So you won't have to make excuses
             D              C#m
   We don't need to find a set up
                  Bm               A
   Where someone wins and someone loses
             D              C#7
   We just have to say our love was true
            F#m          B
   But has now become a lie
            Bm       A/C#
   So I'm tellin you I love you
             E            D-A/C#-C-Bm-E-
   One last time and goodbye

  A                           D
   Somebody told me you still loved me
   Don't know why
  A                        D
   Nobody told me that you only
          C#m     F#m
   Needed time to fly
   Somebody told me that you
  C#m       F#m       Bm
   Want to come back when
        E             A 
   Our love is real again

   (Repeat Refrain except last word)

          ... goodbye

   Just turn around and walk away
             C#m                Bm    E
   You don't have to live like this, oh no
           C#m                F#m
   If you love me still then stay
                 D                      C#
   Don't keep me waiting for that final kiss
           F#m            C#m
   We can work together through this test
             D                C#m
   Or we can work through it apart
           C                F
   I just need to get this off my chest
                  Bm              E
   That you will always have my heart
   Let me the one

   (Repeat Refrain except last word)

        ... goodbye

  A       D        A/C#-
   Let me be the one
   Let oohhh...

(Music & Lyrics: Jimmy Bondoc)

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