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I'll Never Let You Go

Joanne Lorenzana

   Intro: F-Dm-Bb-Gm-C7-

  F                 Dm
   I know I'll never find any other
   Love that's as sweet as you
  Gm                  C7
   You are the one love I've waited for
       F                 F7
   A miracle dream come true

  Bb                  Gm
   I love this feelin', this crazy feeling
  Am               Dm
   I feel inside for you
  Gm                      C7
   Please help me make it last 'till forever
  F                 F7/C
   Don't ever let it go.

  F                     Am
   You to me are like a melody
                 Dm                   Bb
   From which a symphony burst into ecstacy
  F                         Dm
   You and me, our love was meant to be
  Gm       C7         F-F#
   I'll never let you go.
  F#                     Bbm
   Lovin' you is all I wanna do
               Ebm                     B
   And I'll do anything to keep from losin' you
  F#                      Ebm
   You and I, this love we can't deny
          G#m          Bbm-Eb7
   I'll never, I'll never 
        G#m       C#7               F#
   I'll never (ever), I'll never let you go.

   Adlib: F-D#m-B-G#m-
   (Repeat Refrain moving chords 1/2 step <B> higher)

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1/2 step <F#> higher)

   Coda: G-Em-C-Am,D/F#,G-