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Jose Mari Chan

   Intro: GM7-G6-GM7-G6-

  C           D         G D/Gb
   We're at the afterglow of what 
    Em            (Em/D)
   We both do know
  C                         D
   Know as the spring of our youth
  C               D              G
   We've loved and shared the dawn
   D/Gb           Em       (Em/D)
   And hoped that we'd go on
  C                          D  D break
   Cause even the dawn had to go

                G           D/Gb Em
   Love has to cry but need not die
              Am          Am/G     F-D-Dsus,D,
   Heart has to sigh the test of time
  D#                      G
   We go through days into years
  D#                          D        D break
   Calloused by doubts, joys and fears
         D7 hold  G  B7sus         Em
   Love has to grow   but need not go
              Am          Am/G     F-D-Dsus,D,
   Heart has to know the test of time

  C           D         G  D/Gb
   We're at the afterglow and
              Em         (Em/D)
   Though we both do know
  C                    D
   How far we are from that dawn
  C           Cm          G      F       E7
   That second golden dawn when love is true
               Am     Dsus     Dsus D     G
   Still I'll wait for second dawn   and you
  D hold           D# hold  G-Gsus-G 
   Love's golden dawn and  you.

(Music & Lyrics: Jose Mari Chan)

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