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Can We Just Stop And Talk Awhile

Jose Mari Chan

   Intro: E-B9sus-
          EM7-B9sus-; (2x)

   EM7                 B9sus
   Fancy meeting you alone in the crowd
   EM7                             D
   Couldn't help but notice your smile
              A                      E
   While everybody else around us is going about
       B9sus             EM9  EM7,EM7 hold B9sus-EM9°EM9,EM7-B7sus-
   Can we just stop and talk awhile?

   EM7                       B9sus
   I've been often told our world's growin' old
   EM7                            D
   And that friends are harder to find
   Do tell me more about yourself
             E                 B9sus
   We could share a thought or two
   Now who would mind?

  G                    D       C
   Maybe then we could go for a ride
                     G        D
   Drive down to the countryside
     G                       D
   (Ahh) Get away from the gray
                       C                  B pause
   And frenzied hurly burly of the city life

   EM7                 B9sus
   Early yet to say what lies ahead
            EM7                            D
   It's the first day of the rest of our lives
   Can we just stop and talk awhile
   Get to know each other
   B9sus          EM7
   Who are we to know
   Love would be waiting at the end
   Round that bend, and so
          B9sus         EM7
   Let's stop and talk awhile

           B9sus         EM7
   Let's stop and talk awhile
           B9sus         EM7
   Let's stop and talk awhile
           B9sus         EM7- B9sus-EM7-B9sus...
   Let's stop and talk awhile

Optional playing instructions:

  • G7(sus) can be played G7(sus)/D

Illustrated Chords:



(Music & Lyrics: Jose Mari Chan)

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