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Here And Now

Jose Mari Chan

   Intro: CM7-Fm/C-; (2x)

   CM7                         F/C
   You and I may never be the perfect pair
      Fm/C                                 C9-C
   The kind most people dream themselves to be
   CM7                           F/C
   Just as long as you and I are both aware
       Fm/C                        C9-C
   That life is what we make it to be
                 Am                       Em
   Then we won't care what others have to say
                  F     Dm7            G7sus  G7 G7sus G7
   Our love will guide us and show the way,   oh ba--by

     C                      F/C
   From this moment on it's me and you
        C                      F/C
   The road of life ahead, we'll journey through
        Em               F
   And though it may be winding
        Em               F
   We'll go right on reminding
                G7sus G7  G7sus  G7
   That we both have  each other
     C                         F/C
   Cherish every moment, darling hold me fast
  Fm/C                                C
   Live each day as though it were the last
       C                             F/C
   The only time and place that we are certain of
      Fm/C pause         C-Fm/C-
   My love, is here and now

    C                            F/C
   We had yesterday but now it's come and gone
    Fm/C                                C9-C 
   Tomorrow, still to come, belongs to none
    C                            F/C
   We have found the miracle of love today 
     Fm/C                              C9-C
   If we try hard enough it's here to stay
                 Am                          Em
   Our rainbow's end may just be 'round the bend
                F     Dm7           G7sus G7 G7sus  G7
   I know we'll find it but until then,   oh ba--by

   (Repeat last 4 lines of Chorus except last word)
         ... now

     C                   F/C
   From this moment on it's me and you
        C                  F/C
   The road of life ahead we'll journey through

   (Repeat Coda while fading)

(Music & Lyrics: Jose Mari Chan)