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Leaving Yesterday Behind


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step higher (G#)

   Intro: G-Am-D-D/F#,G,Bm

  G          Bm           C          D/C
   Since you left me I never really tried
           Bm       Em                 Am  Bm,C,D7
   To put my life back where it should belong
  G           Bm   C                 D/C
   And I've always let the past come back
        Bm       Em                 D-Dsus,G7/D
   Not realizing that it could be wrong
  C            G/B          Am     B/D#     Em
   But now I finally knew I had to let it go
       A                A7    D        B7
   To make way for a brighter tomorrow

       Em               Am         D
   So now, I'm leavin' yesterday behind
               G         Bm    C
   And finally I've made up my mind
              Am          B Em
   To let the mem'ries stay away
   And think about today
  Am              D Am/C Bm
   I'm leavin' yesterday behind
                   E7              Am 
   'Cause now I'll try to live my life once more
       D7            C-Bm-Am-D
   The way I did before

  G         Bm         C             D/C
   Since I know that I never will forget
        Bm             Em          Am,Bm,C,D7
   The memories that made my yesterday
  G           Bm       C        D/C
   I will not try to let it interfere
          Bm           Em             D-Dsus,G7/D
   The choices I will make along the way
  C                  G/B       Am    B/D#     Em
   'Cause I'm not livin' in a world of fantasy
        A               A7     D        B7
   I'm here now in the world of reality

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

         ... before

   (Repeat Chorus except last line)

  G/B       C       D7    G-Bm-C-D7-G
   Just the way I did before.