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One Look


   Note: Original key is 1/2 step lower (G#)

   Intro: A--G--; (2x)

  A                     G
   Oh oh woh, I know you hate it
           A                            G
   When I say these things right in your face
      A                            G
   But I canít lie, you know me better 
       A                                G
   Itís cause the words inside just speak the truth

  A                                      G
   One look and I'm mesmerized by your eyes
   You're comin' like a hurricane
   Blowing down on me
   Cause itís your mystery that captures me
   Iím falling in, drawing closer
        A          G
   And now, oh now, yeah

   Interlude: A--G--; (2x)

  A                       G
   Pardon me, I'm being honest
        A                          G         pause
   Cause I donít hide, I speak my mind, yeah 
  A                       G
   Things get weird, but we know better
                 A                              G
   Itís cause I know you know that I love you girl

   (Repeat Chorus)

  Bm                G
   Blowing down on me (4x)

   (Repeat Chorus 2x)

   Coda: A--G--A--G--A-hold