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   Intro: D-DM7-D7-G-; (3x)

  D                        G
   It's been 30 days and 14 hours
              D                           G
   And I'm here still doing nothing on my own
  D                       G                   
   So many time and effort I have put to waste
  D                                  G
   'Cause I don't even see you appreciate it

   And I am...

   Waitin', waitin'
   Waitin' here for you
   I am waitin', waitin'
                           G   (break)
   Waitin' (just/here) for you

   Time keeps on ticking
   And I don't even see you movin'
       D                              G
   It's burning up all the patience inside me
  D                                G  break
   I'm sick of listening to your bull... shhh
   I don't wanna say those words
   But you make me wanna do something worse

   'Cause I've been...

   (Repeat Chorus)

   I've been waitin', waitin'
   Waitin' just for you

               F#m      G
   'Cause time is running out
         F#m               G
   You're giving me so much doubt
     Em      F#m    G                 A
   Tell me what to do 'cause I feel so jaded
                Bm7               A
   Waitin' on you, waitin' on you

   Adlib: Em-F#m-G-; (2x)

                F#m      G
   And time is running out
           F#m                A
   You're giving me so much doubt
       Em     F#m   G
   You make me realize
                       A  B
   You're a waste of time

   'Cause I've been...

   (Repeat Chorus moving chords 1 step <E> higher)

   Baby, I'll be waitin', waitin'
   Waitin' just for you

                G#m    A
   But time is running out
   You give me so much doubt
        F#m   G#m        A             B
   I've had enough of waiting here for you
                E           A
   I'm leaving you, ooh oh yeah
                E            A
   I'm leaving you, oh yeah baby
                E                 A
   Enough of waitin', enough of waitin'
                E            A
   I'm leaving you, waitin' baby
                E   A
   I'm leaving you
            E     A
   Leaving you, woh oh
                E hold
   I'm leaving you

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