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A Friend Of Mine

Lea Salonga

   I've known you for so long
   You are a friend of mine
      Am         Dm           G 
   But is this all we'd ever be?
   I've loved you ever since 
   You are a friend of mine
         Am           Dm                G 
   And Babe is this all we ever could be? 

        Em                 Am
   You tell me things I've never known
         Dm                            G
   I've shown you love you've never shown
       Em            Am   
   But then again, when you cry
          Dm              G 
   I'm always at your side
           Em               Am           
   You tell me 'bout the love you've had
      Dm            G 
   I listen very eagerly
        Em               Am
   But deep inside you'll never see 
   This feeling of emptiness
   It makes me feel sad 
        Dm      G      C
   But then again I'm glad

   I've known you all my life 
   You are a friend of mine 
     Am          Dm             G
   I know this is how it's gonna be 
   I've loved you then and I love you still 
   You're a friend of mine 
     Am          Dm                    G
   Now I know friends are all we ever could be 

   (Repeat Refrain except last line)

       Dm      G   
   But then again 
  Em       Am
   Then again
  Dm       G         C
   Then again I'm glad

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