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Land Of The Loving

Lea Salonga

   Intro: C-G-F-; (2x)

  C                       C9
   Deep in your eyes is a promise
  F                      G
   Love can be ours if we want it
  Em          C            Gm7     C    F
   Starting tonight every dream I ever knew
  Dm                         C
   Here in your arms I'm believing
  F                      D
   Fin'lly my life has a meaning of its own
  F                    G
   Here in the land of loving 
   I am home

  C                   C9
   I was alone in the city
  F                        G
   Searchin' for someone to find me
  Em           C
   Cold empty nights
        Gm7        C        F
   And a million strangers eyes
  Dm                       C
   Here in your arms I'm beginning
      F                     D
   To leave behind all the loneliness I knew
  F                   G
   Here in the land of loving
   There is you

  F         G       Em-Am7-D7
   In this simple room     magic is made
               Em           C
   Though the world seems unchanged
  Bm7          E             Am7        D7
   Leave the lights on, I'm a bit afraid
              F       D           G   D7-G
   This might be just one sweet dream

  C                          C9
   Deep in the night love is growing
  F                       G
   Though I had no way of knowing
  Em            C
   That when I found you
           Gm7   C       F
   I found ev'ry thing I need
  Dm                          C
   Here in your love I'll be staying
  F                           D          Dm
   Fin'lly my life won't be living all alone
  F                      G
   Here in the land of loving
   I am home

   Adlib: Bb-Gm7-Cm7-Am-D7-G

   (Repeat Refrain)

   (Repeat III except last line)

  F       C-G-F-C-G-D-Dm-C-G-F-Em-D-
   I am home
   G     C
   I am home