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Lea Salonga

   Intro: Am-Em-Am7-D-Em7
          F-Dm7-Gm7-C pause

   Look at me
          Dm7         Gm7
   I will never pass for a perfect bride
   Or a perfect daughter
   Can it be
        Dm7                   Eb
   I'm not meant to play this part
   Now I see
             Fm              Bbm
   That if I were truly to be myself
  Db                       Ab
   I will break my family's heart

  Ab           Fm7
   Who is that girl I see?
  Db                  Dbm
   Staring straightly back at me
  Ab  Eb/G Fm    Db
   Why is my reflection 
               Gb   Eb
   Someone I don't know?
  Ab           Fm
   Somehow I cannot hide
  Db            Dbm
   Who I am though I've tried
  Ab    Eb/G Fm            Db
   When will my reflection show
   Dbm Fm7,Eb,Dm7
   Who I am inside?
  Ab                Bb
   When will my reflection show
  Bbm           Ab-Fm-Ab
   Who I am inside?