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The Journey

Lea Salonga

   Intro: Eb-F-Bb-; (4x)

    Bb                 Eb
  Half the world is sleeping
    Bb                 Eb
   Half the world's awake
  Gm                 Dm7
   Half can hear their heart beat
  Cm                    Fsus, F
   Half just hear them break
  Bb           Eb
   I am but a trav'ller
    Bb              Eb
   Been most everywhere
  Gm              Dm7       Cm-F
   Ask me what you want to know

           Eb      F      Bb
   What a journey it has been
            Eb    F        Bb
   And the end is not in sight
             Eb      F      Gm
   But the stars are out tonight
                 Eb      F       Bb
   And they're bound to guide my way
                 Eb     F      Bb
   When they're shining on my life
          Eb   F       Bb
   I can see a better day
            Eb      F      Gm
   I won't let the darkness in
           Eb      F      Bb
   What a journey it has been.

   Interlude: Eb-F-Bb-; (2x)

  Bb              Eb
   I have been to sorrow
  Bb               Eb
   I have been to bliss
  Gm              Dm7
   Where I'll be tomorrow
  Cm            Fsus, F
   I can only guess
      Bb               Eb
   Through the darkest desert
      Bb                Eb
   Through the deepest snow
  Gm              Dm7       Cm-F
   Forward, always forward I go

   (Repeat Chorus)

  Gm              Dm
   Forward, always forward
  Cm      F      Bb
   Onward, always up
  Gm             Dm
   Catching every drop of hope
  Cm          Fsus
   In my empty cup

   (Repeat Chorus except last word)

         ... been

           Eb     F       Bb
   What a journey it has been.

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