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I Love You

Lovi Poe

   Intro: D-A-D-A-

   I want to know
           A            D
   If what you said is true
    A               D-A-
   When you said to me
             D-A- pause
   "I love you"

   I want to know
   A              D
   If I heard it right
   A                      D
   What you told me that night
   A           D
   'Cause I do too
   A       D-D7
   I love you

       G              A
   Oh, I've been hurt so many times
  G                      Bm   A
   I've been told a thousand lies
     Bm                    F#m
   This time I want to be sure
  G                      A
   Don't want to cry anymore

   You and I know
            A                D
   That we should take our time
           A                      D-A-
   But my heart is crossing the line
   'Cause I love you

   (Repeat Refrain)

   And if your world starts falling apart
  A                   G
   Know that I'll be around
  A                          Bm   A
   To pick up the pieces with you
   G              D-D7
   'Cause I love you

   (Repeat Refrain)

   I want you to know
         G/B                D
   That what I'm saying is true
             G/B             Em
   And I'll say it over and over again
  A        D-D/C#-Bm-A-
   I love you
   I love you            
   "I love you"

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