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You Should Know

Luke Mijares

   Intro: Am7-G-Dm-E-; (2x)

  Am7                     G
   Only a lovely Friday evening
  Dm                       E
   Got some plans of goin' out to party
  Am7                       G
   And I have this crazy feeling
            Dm                  E
   That somebody's gotta make me feel so good
  Am7                      G
   Then I meet this pretty lady
  Dm                          E
   She looks fine but she's feelin' kinda lonely
  Am7                      G
   Then I led her to the dance floor
   'Cause tonight is the night
   I'll make her feel alright

  Am                    G
   Girl, if you really want me
   Wrap your arms around me
   Never letting go, oh
  Am               G
   You have that sexy body
   Got me goin' crazy
   Want you to be my lady
   You should know

   Interlude: G      Dm    E-
               Oh oh oh oh oh

  Am7                      G
   Now the temperature is risin'
  Dm                    E
   Everybody's dancin' and the DJ's mixin'
  Am7                               G
   The party's startin' and we ain't stoppin'
   I'll hold you tight, all thru the night
   And stroke your body right, oh

   (Repeat Chorus)

   Adlib: Am-G-Dm-E-

  E     Am
   No, I don't want this night to end
   Maybe you've got time to spend
    F                                      E
   Let's go somewhere and share the night away
   I've never felt this way before
   You're the one that I adore
       F                         G    G#
   I hope that you'll be mine someday, ohh

   (Repeat Chorus except last line 2x)

  Am  G            Dm-E
   Oh, you should know
               Am-G             Dm-E
   You should know, you should know
  Am      G       Dm-E-
   Oh oh hoh, oh hoh....
  Am      G       Dm-E-Am hold
   Oh oh hoh, oh hoh....

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